Over the years I have heard and seen my fair share of slagging when it comes to chiropractic. There have been organizations whose exclusive purpose was to discredit chiropractic. Now I did not say a particularly heinous chiropractor…I mean the entire profession.

I guess over time one gets a little thick skinned over the barbs when you know unequivocally that they are scientifically not true… but these things are similar to trying to put toothpaste back into the tube.

If you have ever watched “How I Met Your Mother” there is an ongoing poking at Canada as a whole. I think it is so bizarre that no one actually believes or is offended by that. Then you have the buffoon on “Two and a Half Men” who represents a chiropractor. There are comments like you are not a real doctor and the Charlie character wouldn’t let his brother the chiro touch him even when he had back issues.

I have seen these things over the years that take a slap at a noble healing profession and my emotions have ranged from disgust to amusement.

Chiropractic was originally licenced in quite a few of the states because it was effective in keeping people alive during the Great Flu Epidemic in the early 1900’s. That will be in a future blog because I find that entire story fascinating.

Anyway over years in practice I have used a small hand held instrument called an Activator. It produces an impulse to tap the bone at high speed to aid in balancing of the spine. It is a non force technique and is very effective especially when manual adjusting is not advised.

OK…get on with the story…well the other night I was couch surfing and happed to stop on a TV show called Bones…the reason it caught my attention was that the murder weapon was an activator. Whoa there Nelly….oh yeah…only a chiropractor would know to place the activator over the vagus nerve and click… lights out…

I find this amusing because it is more likely that super villains with powers, werewolves or vampires are real than a click of an activator causing a demise.
For some people watching that show I am sure they swallow that completely and now have some irrational fear of being adjusted…

Oh well I guess sometimes as my grandmother used to say “you have to separate the FlyS__t from the pepper.

Once again I wish you all health, happiness and success….

Dr Huggins

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