Well this week past was the traditional break where legions of Canadians head south to various destinations of warmer climes. As my children are past the school age it is not an issue for my wife or I in that we need to travel during this timeframe. As a matter of fact you would find it difficult to get me to travel during this time of madness…

That being said it never fails that many people upon return report back to me that from a gastrointestinal perspective one of two outcomes had evolved…one of course the revenge of Montezuma and at the other end of the scale they become backed up like the QEW at rush hour.

The simple truth in my opinion is that when you travel to any different destination you can be exposed to different microbes that the local population is totally oblivious to…

So anytime that you travel I suggest that you take a simple pre-emptive preventive measure. For five of six days before you depart take Probiotics to help the gut build a good reserve of the good bacteria…that which helps in digestion…take is while you are eating different foods and drinking the local water…if you are particularly sensitive you may want to include a digestive enzyme to aid in digestion.

Now on the other end of the spectrum so to speak is the back up syndrome…bloating…you know the scenario…well there is a tea that we have called ChiroKlenz and a cup of at bedtime will definitely get things moving….

So be a little proactive and you will enjoy all of your vacations in the sunny climes…have a great time and as always I wish you health and happiness…

Till next time

Dr Brian D Huggins

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