Hats off to Larry…. Well here it is Monday October 25 and it is the municipal voting day. It would be hard not to see all of the signs and banners for the various candidates.

There are hundreds and hundreds of people involved in campaigning and volunteers all with the goal to make a difference. You know municipal politics is often overlooked as is attested by voter turnout.

In a lot of ways politics creeps into healthcare as well. There are those that live and die by the medical model of medications. There are those that think there is an alternative wellness and healthcare model. I am grateful for choice.

I just wanted to comment on all of those efforts that people make. Although not everyone sees eye to eye on the issues they are putting it out there for you the voter. That is what democracy is all about. The populace is casting their important vote to have a say in the kind of society and community that we live in. Do it!! Vote Away!!

I am grateful to live in Canada…in a democratic country and I am appreciate of all those who run for office trying to make our community a better place.

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