This past week I was reading the Toronto Star and it was reported that the guidelines for CPR has changed. When someone suffers sudden cardiac arrest it had always been the protocol to clear the airway, breathe and compress.

The Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation reported that studies all over the world have shown that when people do compression only CPR it saves lives. Compression is the most important component of the CPR so if you don’t know CPR compression is the way to go.

The protocol is to call 911, start compression by pressing down hard and fast on the chest. It has been suggested about 100 compressions per minute to maintain proper blood flow. The new guidelines are 30 compressions and then delivering two breaths. .

One of the missions in our office is to prevent the cardiovascular incident. This can be accomplished in my opinion by following the Five Pillars of Health and Wellness.

These pillars include a proper diet that is cardiovascular friendly, proper exercise, a properly functioning nervous system, proper rest, and a positive mental outlook on life. We cover these pillars in much greater detail in our Health and Wellness Workshops. Call the office at 905 845 2291 and ask to be advised of upcoming talks.

Dr Huggins

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