Story of the Month—Bed Wetting

There was an 8 year old boy, let’s call him Bradley, and Bradley was active in sports, loved model cars, and camping trips with his family. Bradley was a popular kid as he played on multiple sports teams and received many invites to birthdays and slumber parties. Bradley found himself making every excuse in the book to avoid overnight events as he suffered from nocturnal enuresis better known as bed wetting. He felt as though he was missing out and eventually his friends stopped asking him to come. His shame and embarrassment of a problem he had no control over began to influence his life in a negative way. The following year, Bradley made the Rep hockey team and began having tournaments that would take him out of town for a night or two on weekends. The idea of plastic sheets and pull-ups made this horror enough for Bradley to beg his parents not to play. Lucky for Bradley, his parents made him play and his coach was a Chiropractor!

The doctor insisted all team members attend dry land training once a week and report to his office for base line strength, health, and wellness testing to assess cardio health and more. He also offered the team and their family members a team promo that would keep their family well adjusted! When Bradley was assessed his height, weight, and strength fell within normal limits. He boasted of running faster in the drills and even doing more push-ups than anyone else on the team in their 2 minute challenge. Where he fell short was proper alignment of the cervical spine.

Bradley’s neck did not have the proper curvature and the bones were putting undue stress on the nerves which failed to show any pain but did alter function. In Bradley’s case, C3,4,5 were disturbed and the doctor pointed this out to his parents asking about headaches, earaches, throat infections, etc. Bradley’s mother whispered the only real complaint they had was about Bradley wanting to quit the team because of his fear of overnights due to the bed wetting. His father wasn’t happy to have this information shared with the coach assuming it would change the coach’s view of his son and the amount of ice time he would receive. Instead, the coach just smiled and said “I’d be wetting the bed too if I had this kind of pinched nerve!”

Coach Chiro began explaining that the reflex that stops bed wetting known as the phrenic reflex could be delayed, or that the bone interruption seen on the X-ray could be the problem. He suggested regular Chiropractic Adjustments to correct the neck and made sure that for the first few overnight games, Bradley would be rooming with his own son allowing for privacy and confidence.

6 months later, the bed-wetting was under control! He scored more goals than any other season and looked forward to tournaments with excitement rather than anxiety. And he continued to see the Chiropractor to optimize his health and his game!

 Do you know someone who suffers from bed-wetting? Let us help! Book an appointment with either Dr. Tiffany or Brian Huggins for an assessment to see how Chiropractic can help your whole family!Sad Child

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