In today’s NFL all players, agents, Medical Directors, therapists, owners and management understand that in a high speed collision game injuries are just part of the package.They have come to understand that the chiropractic perspective is to treat the cause of the injury and not just the symptoms.

That is why all NFL teams use chiropractic to care for their high priced athletes. They want them to function at their highest level and heal from injuries as quickly as possible.


Chiropractors are not only trained in neuromusculoskeletal systems but can also give advice on athletic training, nutrition and injury prevention.

The list of high profile athletes that have utilized chiropractic is long and quite impressive.
When Donovan Bailey won the gold medal at the Olympics he cited that he could not have achieved this without his chiropractor. Additionally Tiger Woods echoed a similar sentiment however if you have seen Tiger play recently he needs a few more visits.

Evander Holyfield, Jerry Rice, Tom Brady, Emmet Smith, Arnold Schwarzenegger just to name a few utilize and rely on their chiropractors for optimum performance.

Don’t you think your activities of life would improve with regular wellness care…improve that golf game….lift the children…enjoy your life …

Chiropractic adds life to years and years to life. Come in for a special consult by citing this post!

Dr Brian Huggins

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