Anti-Aging Medicine Embracing the Chiropractic Model

Anti-Aging Movement

When the Anti-Aging movement began in the early 2000’s one of its co-founders Dr Bob Goldman MD sought chiropractic care after sustaining a severe back injury and herniated disc.  So even though Goldman had access to the top Medical experts in medicine he chose a chiropractor for his care.

Another of those pioneers was Dr Ronald Klatz who along with Goldman envisioned anti-aging an extension of sports medicine that aims to keep athletes bodies functioning at the optimum level. This became the core of the Anti-Aging movement.

As these are the core values of chiropractic philosophy it became a natural fit. Chiropractors have lectured to medical physicians all around the globe.

Anti-Aging like Chiropractic focuses on the early detection, treatment and prevention of age related diseases.

Early detection of cardiovascular, nervous system, musculoskeletal system etc. is right in the chiropractic wheel house.

Intervention and treatment of course includes adjustment of the nervous system, proper exercise, adequate and proper nutrition, proper rest and a positive mental outlook.

Prevention of course include education about the body systems and how to keep them functioning at peak level.

Naturally there are newer developments in regenerative and preventative medicine. Therapeutic use of stem cells and nutrients to boost the immune system and other advanced diagnostics are all being explored.

It seems to be a field that MD’s as well as Chiropractic Physicians are working well together for the benefit of the patient.

Dr Brian Huggins

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