Part of my personal responsibility as a chiropractor is to share the amazing miracle of chiropractic with the people who happen into my life. I guess you could call me preachy haha, but I truly believe I am sharing the good news of health and wellness with the world.

No no, I am not witnessing through your neighborhood. You will not see me canvassing door to door with pamphlets and a finely pressed white shirt and black tie. I simply love sharing the knowledge that has been bestowed on me during my 30 plus years in this profession. I find it fundamental to a positive healthful life.

One way I attempt to convey chiropractic in its most simple form, is to describe the human body as a telephone. Strange? I know but bear with me, to be more specific it is the brain which is like a telephone and everybody knows any telephone is only as good as the wire that sends its signal.

Ever played that game where a message is distorted by x amount of carriers to reveal an entirely different phrase in the end? Have you ever been on a connection that keeps cutting out leaving you distraught and confused about a situation? If only there was a way to reaffirm a connection and assure communication.

This is chiropractic! Chiropractors serve as your physical telephone guy as the brain sends messages throughout the body via the spinal cord. Any simple damage to the cord in any part of the phone can dilute its messages. This is what we call a subluxation in chiropractic and what we aim to repair.

Even the smallest subluxation can cause miscommunication with the brain and impair function throughout your body. This can be the root of stress, pain, discomfort, injury etc…. Chiropractic can reconnect your wire and have communication flowing feely to its maximum potential.

The spinal cord brings messages throughout the body commanding your fingers to move, your arms to hit a tennis ball, or to move out of the way of a speeding car. It is the nervous system that directs the body and the spinal cord is its channel.

So the next time somebody asks you about chiropractic remember, it is not just “back cracking” or for when you wake up soar from a bad sleep. Chiropractic could very well solve a number of problems in which the phone isn’t quite working right.

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