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Good Wednesday morning to all of you out in cyberspace! I though I would take a quick second and let everyone know some of the questions you should be asking about spinal decompression. So with out any further adieu:

1. Ask about your condition:

Many doc’s use Spinal Decompression as a one single therapy to cure all, taking advantage of the hype surrounding the therapy right now. Unfortunately this just doesn’t wield successful results, as patients must qualify to specific criteria to be right for Spinal Decompression. Most conditions that need to be treated with Spinal Decompression are far more acute than the first signs of a back ache.

Combinations of many therapies can be used to combat other problems before having to commit to Spinal Decompression.Make sure you fully understand your condition and ideally ask around whilst doing some research. Spinal Decompression has been know to alleviate many different conditions, but don’t listen to healthcare professionals who tout it as an answer to every problem.

#2 What should I be asking my doc, about their qualifications in Spinal Decompression?

While, I would recommend that you go to a chiropractor that has been certified in the Kennedy Technique of Decompression. Dr. Kennedy is a world renowned Decompression specialist who through rigorous training teaches not only the operations of Decompression but also the philosophies and innovators behind it. So yes, I would definitely recommend any patient looking for decompression services finds out if their Chiropractor has been certified by Dr. Kennedy.

#3 What are the average costs of Decompression Therapy?

To be honest, the costs of all decompression therapy vary. There is no set rate that should be evaluated as the benchmark, but as I always tell people make sure you search around and are set up with a package that will bring you the most value to your journey to recovery.

For example with our free consultations at Alliance we lay out a specific regimen for each patient built on an individual basis. That way I can guarantee my patient is receiving the best care at the best value.

#4. How long does the treatment take before seeing major results?

Once again results are all based on an individual to individual case basis. There is no guarantee in healthcare as everyone knows. On average though, patient’s best respond to a program over 6-8 weeks.

I hope that was helpful to everyone out there. Remember if you have any further questions don’t hesitate to call 905.845.2291 or visit us online at , see you next time out in cyberspace!

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