Happy Friday to all! What a beautiful morning it is shaping up to be in Southern Ontario. Enjoy it while we can folks while it may be chilly,it’s not snowing yet!

Despite the shifting of the seasons I thought I would share with you today a little piece of Chiropractic philosophy which has driven much of my practice for many years.

From my personal perspective I think it is of the utmost importance to understand what this goal of “health” really is. In other words what are we really trying to achieve here? Is health a magic potion? Does it come from a tiny bottle or a quick fix mentality? Can we be assured we are healthy because we do not exhibit pain, disease, or discomfort?

In my opinion health is none of these but rather the human body’s ability to function at its peak optimal state. The power of our body’s is truly astonishing; whether you acknowledge it or not you are the owner of one amazing self maintaining machine capable of unquestionable feats of function.

What I am referring to here is the body as a self-healing organism that has the ability to regulate itself barring any interference. For Example let’s take the simple instance of cutting yourself in the kitchen. The knife misses the vegetable and tares into your skin causing it to bleed. What is our first reaction? Of course the proper one, wash the cut out and wrap it in a bandage to stop the bleeding and prevent infection.

Here is where the analogy comes in, it is not the bandage that heals the cut, instead it is the innate intelligence of the body that reacts to send cells to the site of the cut to close the wound and eventually repair it. Remember the band-aid merely masks the problem!

This is essentially the philosophy of chiropractic; the aim is to allow the body to send its quickest responses throughout the nervous system while building the immune system to its optimal levels.

In our modern society we are guilty of focusing on “sickcare” and not healthcare. We see health problems as symptoms that can simply be masked as is the case with the band-aid. We are taught by big bank pharmaceutical and the media to expect a pill for every ill, another band-aid solution. Little Johnny has trouble in school; well there’s a pill for that. Samantha is unhappy; well there is a pill for that.

Another mask. We must realize the true abilities of our own bodies and focus on tuning our immune systems instead of bombarding the body with foreign chemicals and substances. It is evident, the bandage is the quick fix an optimal functioning body is the true state of health.

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