Well spring is finally here and there is still a little chill in the air. On the east coast, another Nor’easter takes aim to an already pummelled landscape. Oh this thing we call weather certainly throws curve balls with no remorse. Last year, in February we were reaching double digit temperatures and basking in the sun. Though it is around the corner or so they predict!

Over my years in practice, I have witnessed the toll that the nicer weather can take on our bodies. After being cooped up over the winter, many believe that we can call on our superhuman traits to get things going in spring.

It makes no difference if you are heading to the backyard to begin cleanup, tackling a home improvement project, swinging the golf clubs or heading to the courts for some activity. All of these activities can cause you health issues if you do not prepare your body for activity.
If you consider a professional athlete in any given sport, it would be ludicrous for them to get to the event and begin to play. There is always a series of warm up exercises to prepare their muscles and joints for activity.

Are you any different? Does your spine and muscles not need the same warm up activity. Well the answer is a resounding “yes you need to warm up”. Regardless of the activity that you are undertaking, a warm up and warm down is critical for your ongoing health and wellness. Consider yourselves athletes in industry or the garden or fill in the blank where you will be exerting your body.

What does the warm up entail?  Well neck and shoulders need to be stretched and strengthened as well as arms, low back and legs. I am sure that you get the idea.
If you would like specific exercises all you have to do is ask and we will provide them for you.

PS. Certain activities can be very one sided like golf, so every third or so tee, take a few practice swings in the opposite direction. If you are an average golfer I have an exercise that will shave strokes off of your game. Simply fill out a form on our website and send through a request!

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