image02It is estimated that more than 80% of the population will at some point in their lives be plagued by lower back pain.

Often injuries to the lower spine are preventable and avoidable.

There is no secret to preventing this type of back pain when most everyone has heard “lift with your legs when tackling a heavy load”. What is meant by this is that you want to hug the load as close to your body as possible and lift with the stronger muscles in your legs.

Simply by positioning the load closer you are engaging your core stabilizers and mitigating any injury to your discs, muscles, ligaments and connective tissues.

Lifting when not prepared or improper technique can lead to sciatica, lumbar degenerative joint disease, sacroiliac dyskinesia, sprain, strain and the list continues.

One of the most vulnerable positions for lifting is when you are unable to use your legs and keep the load near your centre of gravity. Picture in your mind, leaning into a car trunk to lift an object or lifting a large tray from an oven. I think you can see how this can be not the best position for lifting. Remember the saying Nose between your Toes.

We have not even touched on the warm up exercises to prepare your spine and muscles for lifting but that is critical as well.

Now if you can pull it off, gets someone to assist you in lifting or as my father used to tell us…”that is why I had 5 sons”.

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