Magic Cure for Back Pain? Dr. Tiffany Huggins

Now I would hate for this blog to start with outrageous claims like we are magicians or have a ‘cure-all’ for every disease and condition that plagues the human population—but Chiropractic does  improve overall health and facilitate better healing and optimal wellness when adjusted at regular intervals.

Did you know chiropractic can affect conditions beyond the traditional headaches, neck and back pain? Did you know it can BOOST your immune system? Here are 5 conditions that we can help that you may not have known possible!

  1. Allergies. You have heard those friends all complain about “Allergy Season”. They cough, sneeze, and parade red, dry, itchy eyes through the work place with discerning comments of allergy season. Not you though, because you are well-adjusted! And not just in the life is balanced, things are going your way kind of adjusted, but you get regular Chiropractic adjustments as well! How does Chiropractic help with seasonal allergies? Well by adjusting the spine, you influence the nervous system which controls the immune system (and everything else in the body!) Prepare to fight off those unknown pathogens (think pollen and dust) that enter the body with your increased defence and Chiro power!
  2. Bed Wetting. (Nocturnal Enuresis) Do you know a parent who is searching for an answer on how to stop their child from the embarrassment of plastic sheets and abolish the mortification of sleepovers? Try Chiropractic. The reason for involuntary urination is due to the phrenic reflex and its level of development. It is a spinal reflex present to monitor respiration and the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide. As your child falls asleep, the breathing slows and when the CO levels reach their optimal maximum the phrenic reflex kicks in forcing the child to take another breath. If this reflex is not being triggered properly, the CO levels rise too high and then smooth muscles are forced to relax. The good news is, your subconscious takes over and breathing continues, the negative side effect is the bladder (which is partially made up of smooth muscle) also relaxes and releases any urine inside. This is a normal process for infants (hence the diaper changes and potty training) but the reflex should strengthen as the child grows. For those with delayed reflexes, the bed-wetting continues. So how does Chiropractic help? For some children the reflex is simply immature, and will progress with age—for others though it is interrupted by a subluxation or a spinal misalignment. The phrenic nerves immerge from C3, 4, 5 in the Cervical Spine (the neck) and when out of alignment fail to thrive and properly innervate the end organs—resulting in symptoms including but not limited to bed wetting. A Chiropractic Adjustment helps remove the subluxation, return the bone, joint, and nerves to proper place and function while alleviating unwanted symptoms! A healthy way to help without drugs or needles! Chiro can change lives J
  3. Menstrual Cramps. Do you dread that time of the month, every month? Backache, headaches, bloating, and unfathomable cramps? Like the rest of your body, your ovaries and organs associated with reproduction all need a healthy nerve supply to function properly. Often those suffering from painful cramps, are also suffering from recurrent back pain. If there are subluxations or spinal misalignments in the lumbosacral spine, and the nerve integrity is effected, the end organs including the reproductive ones can be effected thus making ovulation even more uncomfortable! A common reported ‘side effect’ of women coming if for chiropractic care state decreased cramps and back pain during menstruation!
  4. Fertility & Pregnancy Care. Did you know that if you are trying to get pregnant but are finding the results unsuccessful it could be due to pinched nerves failing to function, send the message to the rest of the body? If you are finding conception difficult, you may need to remove the pressure from the nerves that travel from the spine to the reproductive system allowing for hormones to regulate and mechanisms to function! We see amazing results with our gentle and effective adjusting techniques! We also help turn breech babies for natural delivery and help eradicate sciatica and sleeping concerns due to subluxations and tight muscles! Ask us more about our female care!
  5. Colic and your baby! Do you have a crying, colicky child that doesn’t seem to let up? Did you know that the distress of colic can be treated with the safety and ease of a chiropractic adjustment? If there are any subluxations (spinal misalignments often from the birth process) causing dysfunction and dis-ease then the child can be in a constant state of distress! Chiropractic adjustments help realign the spine, relax tonic muscles, improve nerve conduction, restore organ health, and stop the crying J Looking for a happier, healthier baby (and a saner mother?) try our Chiropractic approach for a drug-free answer! Read below for the scientific study that compared Chiro and drugs for colic…

[In 1999 a study (Wiberg JMM, Nordsteen J, Nilsson N J Manipulative Physiol Ther. 1999 (Oct);22 (8): 517-522) was conducted to compare the effectiveness of Chiropractic care versus the use of dimethicone (a commonly prescribed drug for colic) in babies with colic symptoms. The results of that study showed that by trial days 4 to 7, hours of crying were reduced by 1 hour in the dimethicone groups compared with 2.4 hours in the Chiropractic group. On days 8 through 11, crying was reduced by 1 hour for the dimethicone group, whereas crying in the Chiropractic group was reduced by 2.7 hours. From trial day 5 onward the Chiropractic group did significantly better than the dimethicone group. Another study was conducted earlier, in 1985 (Nilsson N Eur J Chiro 1985;33 (4) :264-65.) and in this study (retrospective uncontrolled questionnaire) of 132 infants with colic, 91% of the parents reported an improvement, which occurred after an average of two to three adjustments, and within one week of care.]

Wondering now if something you suffer from can be addressed with Chiropractic Care? Looking to optimize your health and wellness, give us a call and get started today for better health tomorrow!

~Dr. Tiffany Huggins, Oakville Chiropractic Centre, 905-845-2291. For answers to your health questions email or tweet @Chiropractalk!

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