Wow… that is a bold statement but if you are willing to commit 30 days you can make a palpable difference in your life.

Many times I speak with patients who have been listless, lethargic and just plain lack that spark of life that makes things enjoyable. They may be on several drugs to try and make their life normal but often this leads you to go further down the rabbit hole.

So what can you do in 30 days….well let’s start with the colon. I believe that most people suffer from some sort of constipation. Now just because you have a regular visit to the throne does not mean that you are not backed up in the walls of the colon. You eat three times per day…most people do not have a corresponding colon response. So I suggest a ChiroKlenz type tea for the first 6 days then reducing the frequency of this tea.

Each morning start your day off with a large glass of water, with two teaspoons of lemon juice and a touch of cayenne pepper. If you can do this three times a day it is extremely beneficial.

Eat energy rich foods like fruits and vegetables. Make sure that you balance your macro and micro foods. Every food that you put into your body has a chemical reaction of some sort. Certain foods have a more positive response in your body.

Lean proteins like fish and chicken cause the body to burn fat cells. It is easier for the body to burn fat cells than convert protein into immediate energy. That by the way is one of the principles in diets like Atkins and South Beach. They create a state of ketosis in the body that leads to the body burning fat stores for energy.

Have your more complex carbohydrates earlier in the day and plan to have several smaller meals as opposed to the basic three. If you eat a lean protein and veggie later in the day it helps release HGH over the night.

If you get into the habit of deep breathing exercises a few times per day it is helpful to fat burning by increasing oxygen in the bloodstream and increases the release of ATP.

Finally as Zig Ziglar often said… “Get Rid of your Stinkin Thinkin”… till next time

Dr Brian Huggins

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