Dr. Brian Huggins has been practising as a Chiropractor since 1980. In other words, he has a lot of experience under his belt. Currently, Dr. Huggins and Dr. Phil Wessel practice together at the Oakville Chiropractic Centre, located just off Trafalgar Road, south of the Q.E.W.

Dr. Huggins is often asked by people “what is Chiropractic”? The doc put together a quick video that simplifies what Chiropractic is for those asking! Check it out below. If you are looking for a more in depth explanation, please feel free to call us for more information at 905-845-2291.

This segment is called “what is chiropractic“? With all the chiropractors in the world, you may have spoken to some. You are going to get different answers from everyone because there is a lot of different variabilities.

Ultimately, when asked about a Chiropractor in Oakville, in my opinion, it’s all about the nervous system and the brain. You see, the nerves control every single function in your body. Your heart, your lungs, your kidneys, your bowels, flexion of your arms. Same thing that happens when you’re a toddler and you go to put your hand on a hot stove and you pull it back, that is your nervous system telling you how to respond.

Now in order to respond at your highest potential of wellness and health, you need the nerves coming out of the sides of the vertebrae not to be interfered with (you may have heard the term pinched nerve). If these vertebrae get out of alignment, they could put pressure on these nerves. If these discs get blown, it could put pressure on your nerves.

What Chiropractic is, is to make sure your body is functioning at your highest potential, by aligning the spine and making sure the nervous system is functioning at it’s best!

We hope you enjoyed our video on chiropractic, if you are looking for more information, please visit the Ontario Chiropractic Association!

To schedule an appointment with one of our Chiropractors, please contact us at 905-845-2291.

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