Thank you Captain Obvious!

Captain ObviousA number of years back a comedian, I think it was George Carlin, had a routine where he would award the stupid badge to some actions or activities of people who just seemed to defy common sense. Now I am not taking it to the Darwin awards candidates as they are epic in their failure to utilize this innate quality we should possess. I am sure that we have all make those decisions in life that we really didn’t think quite through but for the most part we use our common sense as a civilization. (maybe)

As I am prone to doing I like to scour the health and wellness related news and studies that are published. With the internet age of course it is a much easier task as 20 years ago I relied on a clipping service that provided me with a package of news stories for review.

Now as I review these stories I often need to ask myself what is happening to the research community and who gives out these grants for study?

Please enter Captain Obvious.

For example I checked the CBC health news this morning and here is a shocker from Captain Obvious….sugar added by manufacturers can lead to obesity. Stop the presses I did not know that.
Other head scratchers include that daily walking and getting exercises decreasing the risk of heart disease and stroke..

Exercises improves health….who is revealing all of these nuggets of wisdom?
Diets that are balanced can help you lose and maintain weight….
Fast food and deep fried foods can negatively affect your health and wellness…

I can’t wait for the study of school age children and if they are given an hour per day of outdoor or physical activity what might happen????? I wonder what the outcome will be?
I certainly hope the general public does not lose its grasp of common sense….

For more than 30 years I have given talks of what I call the Five Pillars of Health and Wellness…. 1/ Proper Nutrition 2/ Adequate Exercise 3/ Sufficient Rest 4/ A Positive Mental Outlook…. And 5/ A Properly Functioning Nervous System through Chiropractic Adjustments… all common sense…

– Dr Brian Huggins

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