Some of you may have been wondering where Dr. Tiffany Huggins has been…well, I will let her tell you! Here is a message from the doc herself:

Hello and Happy New Year! While this is the year to reflect, as hindsight is of course 20/20, it is only fitting that I look back and give thanks for the past two amazing years I spent at home with my children. In December of 2017, my daughter Georgia was born, and I decided with her and my son Liam both at home, it was the perfect opportunity to raise my children full-time. Well those two years flew by! Liam started school this year, today Georgia starts daycare, and I head back from the ‘baby bubble’ to the real world. I’m excited to be back in the Chiropractic world, even more so to be part of a family practice with, well, my family! I wanted to invite you to pop in and say hello, tell me what you have been up to over the past two years, or book an appointment to get your new year started off on the right path to health and wellness!

Yours in health,
Dr. Tiffany Huggins

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