Ever played a game of connection? Well here is a curious one, try to match the Star Athletes name to an overall common bond. Ready, here we go?

Tiger Woods, Karem Abdul Jabar, Lance Armstrong, any clue?

Evander Holyfield, Barry Bonds, Emmitt Smith, Terrell Owens, nothing at all?

Gold medalist Dan O’Brien, Andy Roddick, Joe Montana, the Toronto Maple Leafs, Raptors and Blue Jays, over 95% of the NFL 32 franchises?

I could keep going, but at this point I am sure you’ve already guessed the connection between these peak performance athletes?

Excellence in their field? A good guess and inevitably correct, but we’re looking for something a little more specific. Of course we are referring to the benefits Chiropractic and the role it has played throughout the aforementioned athletic careers. It is no coincidence that these high performing athletes all rely on Chiropractic as an important pillar in their wellness and daily performance.

Chiropractic, misinformed to many as a corrective healthcare marries with athletic performance so effectively because of its three major benefits to the athlete. The ability to prevent injury by training the body, the ability to increase the body’s peak performance and the reduction of recovery time for injured athletes.

Professional sports have become a multi-billion dollar industry; with the stakes this high nothing but the optimal performance is acceptable. Owners and mangers look to Chiropractic to maintain their living breathing investments and allow them to uphold their levels through the riggers of pro-sport.

In fact some athletes, like former Dallas Cowboy and all time rush leader Emmitt Smith and Tour De France winner Lance Armstrong have gone as far as attributing their achievements to Chiropractic. Emmitt remains convinced that without regular chiro treatment, his 3 Superbowls, MVP awards, 8 Pro Bowl performances and his 15 year career would not have been made possible. Likewise, after his last Tour De France win Armstrong said devoutly it would not have been possible without his Chiropractor.

It’s plain to see, if you are an active athlete looking for that extra edge Chiropractic is a viable option for you. Speak to your Chiropractor and develop a routine that is right for your performance and sport. The list doesn’t lie! Chiropractic works and its amazing results are just waiting to be discovered by you! Get into the office today, if it works for these guys its sure to work for you.

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