Dr. Brian HugginsOh I do remember those years quite vividly. My 20’s were essentially spent at University and then on to Chiropractic College. My three children are now in that demographic (Gen X, Echo Gen…Not sure) so I get to experience or should I say observe what their social milieu and the fabric of their interaction is all about.

I suspect it is similar to what the boomers went through.

What is he talking about??

Quite frankly prior to the arrival of children they are on a continuous fest. Socializing involves alcohol. Often these events occur more than one time per week.

I am not saying this is good or bad…it is part of the culture and will continue to be so.

So here is the thing. In this demographic there is a propensity if not a full on car-mance with vehicles. I am sure that you know the members of your group who love their whips.

Now can you imagine if someone bought that dream ride when they were 25 years old…and they drove it for 10 years and never changed the oil?

Well of course you would say that is preposterous!

How do we change our oil…and what are you talking about?

Well our liver is our filter plain and simple. It filters out alcohol, medications, and all sorts of toxins that we are exposed to. It orchestrates and coordinates all of the hormones in our bodies.

When it gets taxed your functions in the body become compromised. Dis-ease can take years to reveal symptoms….

What is the solution you may ask?

Well aside from having your spine functioning at peak performance it is critical to detox your liver. It will make your health and wellness quotient sky rocket. It takes about two weeks to what I call Reboot your Liver. There are no special products that you have to buy just eating from a list of foods. Think of it like training for upcoming social gatherings….

If you would like to know more about how to Reboot your liver email us at info@oakvillechiropractic.com  and we will send you all the information that you need to get started.

Dr Brian Huggins

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