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Found below are some frequently asked questions about Oakville Chiropractic Centre along with some general questions pertaining to our scope of practice. If you have any questions about any of the following information or anything pertaining to us at OCC, please don’t hesitate to come in and ask. Our professionals are always on hand and would be happy to field any inquiries you have about leading a happier, healthier life.

Is Massage Therapy beneficial beyond stress relief etc…?
Absolutely! Massage is for both relaxation – stress relief and therapeutic in nature. Ask you therapist about how it can balance your musculo-skeletal system and much much more.
Can I still be adjusted after back surgery?

Absolutely! Occasionally protocols or procedures need to be modified to accommodate specific individual circumstances.

I was recently in an accident but do not feel any pain, should I still be examined as an MVA?

It is critical to be evaluated even after a seemingly minor accident. Research shows that people can be suffering from the effects of a minor incident years later. At the time of an incident your body releases chemicals that may mask the symptoms of certain injuries. Don’t end up being a statistic…get checked!

What are the long term benefits of Chiropractic?

Life…vitality…energy…there was a study on seniors who utilized chiropractic over the long term and it was determined that these seniors were less likely to be in nursing homes, less dependent on medications, less surgeries, more active socially and in general, live a better lifestyle.

I have young children is it alright for them to be adjusted?

We have adjusted newborns only hours old and every stage of life from there on. Naturally there are changes in the techniques that are utilized but we find that children respond particularly well to conservative chiropractic care.


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