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How can I avoid the aches and pains of gardening?

The sun is shining, the robins are out, and your garden is calling for your attention. Many people love to garden but dread the aches and pains that go along with it. There are ways in which one can enjoy the rewards of gardening while decreasing the risk of pain and damage to your body. Gardening activities contain many of the risk factors, such as repetitive twisting and stress, associated with Repetitive Stress Injuries, i.e. carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis as a result of repeated micro-traumas to the soft tissues of the body. It is very important to remember that the most important gardening tool we have is our body. Proper body positioning, well designed gloves and tools and frequent rest breaks are the key to being a healthy gardener.

Use Proper Body positioning to minimize muscle fatigue and soreness


Bend at the knees and hips to lift and hold objects and keep one arm under the object while carrying.  Use an upright body posture (NEUTRAL SPINE) when working at ground level or when using long-handled gardening tools such as hoes, spades and rakes. With existing back problems, consider raised beds to minimize bending and lifting.


Work below shoulder level whenever possible. When it is necessary to work above shoulder level, perform the task for five minutes or less; then take a break or perform another activity before continuing.  It is very important to use both arms whenever possible.


Keep the elbows partially bent while gardening, especially when doing activities requiring elbow strength. Avoid twisting the forearms back and forth on a repetitive basis, for example pulling weeds by twisting the forearm palm up and then palm down. Whenever possible, work with the forearms in a neutral position, for example thumbs up.


Work with the wrists in a neutral position by avoiding the extremes of motion, up, down and sideways. Grip strength is at its maximum when the wrist is in a neutral position. Hold objects with a light grasp or pinch, avoiding a tight, sustained grip.


Shorter tool handles provide greater leverage control and longer hand tools provide greater power and are best for jobs which require full body motion. Many tools are made with finger grips molded into the handle, to provide better slip resistance. People with larger hands will find that their fingers overlap the ridges, causing pain, soreness, and calluses. Those with smaller hands will have to spread their fingers to match the grooves. Handles should be cylindrical in shape, contoured, not straight to provide equal pressure along the entire arch of the palm, made of compressed rubber to minimize friction, 1.25” x 1.75” in diameter and a minimum of 5” long.


Gloves protect the hands from chemicals, sharp items and blisters, but they do decrease overall hand coordination and power grip. Gloves should be form-fitting without being restrictive.

Please remember:

Take a few minutes to stretch before, during, and after, to help minimize muscle soreness. Be sure to drink plenty of water, and change your gardening tasks frequently (at least every 30 minutes). Make sure you allow your physical activity level to act as your guide for how long you can garden. If you are physically active 1 hour a day, you should be able to garden an hour a day. Finally, remember a healthy spine will allow your body to function optimally! See your chiropractor today for an assessment so your body and garden can be in perfect shape all summer long!


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