Physiotherapy Treatment

Physiotherapy Treatment OakvilleAt Oakville Physiotherapy we combine cutting edge equipment with a high degree of one on one personal patient consultation. This leads to a high degree of patient satisfaction and success as it is a great aid to our patients. We also work in conjunction with the Active Rehab department this ensures not only great results but also long term preventative measures.

Our Physiotherapy team is able to deal with a wide array of conditions with equipment such as computerized dynamic muscle testing, multi-cervical Hanoun equipment, laser, IFC, ultrasound and Russian Stim.

Physiotherapy at Alliance can

  • Diagnose and evaluate joint dysfunction
  • Restoration of mobility (arthritic, injured joints)
  • Promote and excel the healing of soft tissues
  • Manage and suppress pain through various modalities… (manual therapy, acupuncture)
  • Ergonomics Advisory for the home and the workplace
  • Prevention and treatment of sports related injuries
  • Custom exercise programs
  • Work conditioning programs and Rehab

Physiotherapy at Alliance Specializes in

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents (M.V.A’s)
  • Orthopedic and Arthritic conditions
  • Sports related injuries and rehab

We also Emphasize

  • Musculoskeletal injuries such as: sprains, strains, fractures, myalgia, bursitis etc…
  • Pre/Post operative orthopedic conditioning
  • Degenerative diseases and Osteoarthritic conditions
  • Neurological conditions like: Bells Palsy, Radiculopathy, RSD, Raynauds, Carpal Tunnel etc.
  • Deficient posture and biomechanical dysfunction

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